BOOK FEATURE: Stand Close by Sabrina Lacey

You know what they say, the universe never gives you more than you can handle...but is that for real? Discover this through the reading of STAND CLOSE, a romantic suspense 3 parts story

Rue is woken up the day after her 21st birthday by a knock at the door. Standing on the porch of her rinky-dink apartment is Jack Stone of the famous Stone Brothers. They've never met. It'd be like if one of the Hemsworth brothers was standing there looking at you in your ugliest PJ's when you haven't brushed your teeth yet. Not only that, but for some reason, he's pissed...and before he leaves, without explanation, Jack growls, "You'll be hearing from my lawyer." 

Those strange, six little words ricochet into a whole new life for Rue. From graveyard-shift supermarket checkout girl and dancer-in-training, to millionaire heiress who's in way over her head, the world is watching to see what she'll do. And with two new brothers and their rockstar best friend gunning for her (in very different ways), the pressure is on. You know what they say, the universe never gives you more than you can handle...but is that for real? 

Originally a three-part serial - Stand Close is now complete in this 333 pg. novel. 18+ due to sexy stuff.