The Books Machine interviews Evelyne Sants, author of Dark Secrets of the Past, a thriller and suspense novel.

TBM: How do you imagine the ideal reader of your book?

ES: I imagine the ideal reader of my book as someone who is opened to the world, who likes to discover other cultures and countries, who likes to be surprised, who loves suspense and emotion.

TBM: How was the writer inside of you born?

ES: I discover this passion at school, I was a little shy girl and the first time I have to make poetry, my teacher loved it and encourages me. At this moment I understood that I could say all I was afraid, through words, and I early loved reading all kind of books.

TBM: What genres do you work with and why are you attracted to these forms of writing?

ES: I write suspense books, because these ones are what I prefer to read. I adore surprising readers, to take them completely out of their lives during the time of their reading. When I tell a story I do the same, I tell it without telling the end because I know that I will heard " And then? What happened next? " and I love that.

TBM: As a reader, what elements of a story do you love, or do you hate?

ES: I hate when I'm reading a book and I lost my mind in other things, I go out of the story, it's the sign that I'm boring with this story. Generally, it's a written book with lots of useless passages only to made volume. I love when a story keep all my thoughts, my attention, when I lost notion of the time and for a while I forget everything, I'm deeply in the story.

TBM: What inspired you to write Dark Secrets of the Past and what do you hope your readers will take away from this book?

ES: This story was born because I first just wanted to try to create a story, and I quickly understood that it was amazing to give emotions to our characters. Then I wanted to share with others my interest for the world, for people in general and share strong emotions.

TBM: How long did it take you to write this book and what did you do the day that you finished it?

ES: I wrote this book in two years, all the few moments I had it was to wrote this book, and when I finished it, first I was submerged by emotion, and I keep it secret I didn't tell to anyone. I was so happy to succeed on it that I preserve this moment just for me; I didn't want to give lots of explanations about it. And I needed to think about what I wanted to do with it. It was a great moment for me, so personal, a dream who came true after so much time and work so I just wanted to keep it on my heart and that's all.

TBM: What would you like to say to your readers?

ES: To my readers I want to say that for me the important in all my story with this book, it's not how many I sell but all the readers who told me that they like the book. If they are searching for strong emotions and for a book who take them all the time to unexpected twists, so they have to read it. I cry many times when I was writing it because it's so intense.

TBM: Why should the reader read Dark Secrets of the Past?

ES: This book it's a trip through a family with a mysterious secret, through India where I explain the hardest conditions of women's and little girls in this country. I'm sure that readers of this book will be transported toward a different story which leaves them all on suspense the entire book. When they finish it they will regret it. This book was N°1 of the Top 100 on Amazon France, and it's still on this Top, I hope that Anglo-saxons readers will receive it with the same enthusiasm.