Welcome Cherie to The Books Machine!

TBM: How do you imagine the ideal reader of your book?  

CC: I imagine readers of my book as thrill seekers who enjoy strong main characters, have a passion for all things paranormal, and love a romance worth dying for.

TBM: How was the writer inside of you born? 

CC: I’ve always loved making up stories, but it wasn’t until my husband said that I should write one of my stories down that I entertained the idea of being a writer.

TBM: What genres do you work with and why are you attracted to these forms of writing? 

CC: I write young adult paranormal because the unknown fascinates me. Anything can happen and the rules aren’t bound to what we know to be true. They can be bent and stretch to create intriguing characters and worlds that exit right alongside our own.

TBM: Why young adult? 

CC: I love to read YA, and I’ve never lost touch with my inner teen. Teens are passionate, discovering themselves, and open to new ideas. They’re determined and strong and independent. They’re everything I want my characters to be.

TBM: As a reader, what elements of a story do you love, or do you hate? 

CC: I’m not a fan of predictable plots or books that follow a formula. My favorite books are the ones that I can’t put down—you know the ones that have you reading just a few more pages and before you know it an hour or three has gone by.

TBM: What inspired you to write Challenging Destiny and what do you hope your readers will take away from this book? 

CC: The inspiration for Challenging Destiny came to me when my husband and I were driving on a two lane road in what felt like the middle of nowhere. There was nothing but fields for as far as the eye could see, until we approached a crossroad. There a plan white building void of any landscaping loomed in front of us. It had tall narrow windows and a rickety old porch that led up to pale wooden doors. As we drove closer, we were able to read the sign that said it was a church. I remember thinking, it doesn’t look welcoming. It didn’t take long for a story to emerge and my characters to be born.  

TBM: How long did it take you to write this book and what did you do the day that you finished it? 

CC: Several years had passed since I’d first seen the church and thought about this story to when I actually sat down to write it. By this time, I knew the characters and the danger they’d face. It took me about a year to write Challenging Destiny. When I finished, I shared it with a few trusted readers and waited sort of patiently (I don’t do patient well) for their comments.

TBM: What would you like to say to your readers? 

CC: To my readers I want to say thanks for being so supportive of me and my books. Your enthusiasm means the world to me.

TBM: Lastly, a direct message to the readers, about why they should read Challenging Destiny. 

CC: I’m thrilled to be able to share Challenging Destiny with all the wonderful readers who enjoy their young adult novels served with a large helping of the supernatural and a swoon worthy romance. I hope you’ll join Logan and Ariana in a battle against good and evil. If I've done my job, you’ll be rooting for these teens to save themselves right along with mankind.